About Me

Adekunle Babatunde is a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer that keeps things real at the intersect of Technology and Health since he studied pharmacy as an undergraduate and maximize the online learning opportunity to break into the field of Data Science and Machine Learning as a suppposed second degree.

He currently work with Seamfix Nigeria Limited, the leading Bio-Identification company in Nigeria as a Research and Development Engineering with focus on Data Science and Machine Learning.

His major job responsibility is to turn as many computational Intelligence research into viable product or features that can be incorporated into the company’s growing products.

Before this he worked with One Finance and Investment Limited as an Intern Data Scientist, which was his entry level job into the field.

He loves Scala a lot and uses it when there is the need for JVM deployments using Akka and Akk-http for web services that handles serving machine learning models, he writes most of his machine learning and data science projects in Python.

He also works with Docker especially for deployment of POCs of viable product features.

He has experience with Big Data Technologies both for Batch and Streaming Analytics with Spark and Kafka.

Likes: Reading, Wrangling Data for Artificial Intelligence projects, Writing Scala, Tennis, Movies.

He blogs about his knowledge updates in the sphere of Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Engineering, Drug Development especially with the use of Technology.